Basket Range to Deviation Road

Distance: 2.6km

Avg Gradient: 7.0%

Metres Climbed: 186

Road Surface: average


This isn’t usually considered a climb you’d do on it’s own. Even if you start riding at the very edge of the foothills, you’ll have done other climbs to get here, and it’s just not that big a deal. However, it’s an excellent hill to add on to your ride if you want to do something that’s a little more exciting than going up Norton Summit and down the Old Freeway, or similar. It’s very similar in difficulty to Old Willunga Hill, and is a bit like a shorter Greenhill Road. There can be a little bit of traffic, but it’s far enough out that it’s not usually a bother. Most of the climb is on Lobethal Road, and it starts when you cross over the river on the way from Basket Range out to Forest Range. After you go past Camelot Castle on your right don’t make the mistake of starting on the first bit of uphill – the road dips again before you start to climb.

br-fr sv1


The first three quarters of the climb are at a pretty steady 6-7%. There are some slightly steeper parts, and some slightly easier parts, but usually I find you can get into a good rhythm and wind your way up the hill pretty quickly. As the road crests, you need to turn right onto Deviation Road, and then things get a little more tricky.

br-fr sv2


Once you go around the bend, everything gets noticeably more difficult. The climb hits about 10% for around 400 metres, and then settles again back to about 7% to the finish. There is a line painted across the road that marks the finish line, but whoever painted it wasn’t really looking at the hill – it keeps going for about another 50 metres before you actually reach the crest. I suggest you go right up to the top. You probably will to continue your ride anyway.

br-fr sv3


When Google took this photo, the line hadn’t been painted. It’s there though, I promise! From the top, Deviation Road descends quite slowly, and you need to pedal to go fast. You’ll be rewarded with some pretty fantastic views over the hills though. The road finishes a few kilometres down the track, where it runs into Greenhill Road. From there you’ve got plenty of options. If you want to go out to Lobethal, turn around and go back down to Lobethal Road, turn right, and follow it onward.

As a side note, going down this climb makes for one of the best technical descents in the hills.

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