Murrays Hill Rd

Distance: 1.8km

Metres Climbed: 69

Avg Gradient: 3.8%

Road surface: Good


This one barely even counts as a climb, really. But it’s on Murray’s Hill Road, and there aren’t any other hills, so this one must be Murray’s. Really more suited to a time-trialist than a proper climber, this is a climb to try and do in the big chainring, at relatively high speeds. Start the clock when you go across the little bridge.

Murrays Hill SV1

The Road does go uphill, and you do have to push – it’s not all fun and games. The first 500m or so is at about 5%, before it steadies out for a while. It goes up again later, even hitting a (whopping) 7% at one point. Most of the time, however, the climb sits just above 3%. The climb finishes fairly suddenly,when the road turns a corner and goes down hill. That’s it, you’re done!

Murrays Hill SV2

The real reason I included this hill is because it links up really nicely with Humpty ( To make a linked climb that is worth-while. At the end, turn left and then immediately right, and you’re onto Humpty.

Alternatively, you can turn right to go down Black Road towards Flagstaff Hill.

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