Humpty (Main Rd)

Distance: 2.6km

Metres Climbed: 141

Avg Gradient: 5.5%

Road Surface: Poor


The Norton Summit of the South, this climb is very similar, albeit much shorter than the most popular hill in town. There is similarly little traffic (perhaps a couple more cars), and the road winds up the side of a hill in a very similar way. The climb is very steady, with little to get the heart racing at any point. This is a good hill for repeats. The start of the climb is at the intersection  of Main Road with Black Road

Humpty SV1


From here, the road quickly settles into a gradient between 5 and 6%, where it stays for the rest of the climb. The road is pretty shite – there are cracks and potholes all over the place, where trucks have made grooves in the sides of the road. But it’s not so bad you can’t avoid them, so it’s actually ok.

The climb ends before you even know it, at the intersection with Cherry Gardens Road.

Humpty SV2


From here you can continue along a gentle descent into Clarendon, turn left to (you guessed it) Cherry Gardens, or take a right along Oakridge or any of the other roads to the right, to descend back towards town.


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