Burdetts Road (Little Italy)

Distance: 1.7km

Avg Gradient: 7.0%

Metres Climbed: 118

Road Surface: Poor

Strava: http://app.strava.com/segments/631730

This hidden little climb is more difficult than it looks from the stats. This is partly because the final 500m are basically flat, and so you’re left with a 1km climb at about 10%, on a very rough surface. This is also one of the most picturesque climbs in Adelaide, and gets it’s nickname ‘Little Italy’ because you could almost imagine you’re climbing past vineyards somewhere in Italy, as you wind up a tiny country lane. The Climb starts at the bottom of the valley – at the intersection of Burdetts Road and Knott’s Hill Road. It’s an easy place to find yourself at the bottom of, and steep as heck to get out of. There is very little traffic, but the road is very narrow, so stay on the left, just in-case one of the locals come flying down the hill in a ute or tractor.

Burdetts sv1


The hill itself is comprised of three steep sections – each around 13-14%, whilst the rest of the climb is between 5 and 7%. On both sides you’ll see orchards and hobby farms and European trees. Enjoy this on the flat parts, because you’ll be pushing too hard on the steep bits. The road is very rough – I doubt it’s been upgraded in over twenty years, and so take this into account when climbing, it’s more like a hill that is 1-2% steeper than it really is. The final part is basically flat, climbing up at maybe 1%. Time to push hard if you want a good time, or otherwise just enjoy the stunning view over Basket and Forest Range.

The climb finishes at the intersection with Lobethal Road at the monument.

Burdetts sv2


From here you can go left or right down Lobethal Road, or straight across to climb up Range road to Uraidla. These are all fantastic options. Come back many times so you can do them all.

Photos are from google. Thanks google.

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