Adelaide is a beautiful Cycling city, with options for every kind of cyclist. But I’m not really interested in every kind of cyclist. I’m interested in the cyclists who like to go up hills. This is a cyclist for whom Adelaide provides admirably. As I ride each hill climb, I’ll post a climb report and description of the climb.

If you have any hill climb suggestions, send me a message, especially if it’s a less popular climb, rather than a big one I just haven’t got around to.

I’ve ridden up most of Adelaide’s hills, but in the summer of  2012/13, I went away for two and a half months, and lost all semblance of form or fitness, so I’m riding up them all again to get some fitness back.

I’m also on strava: http://app.strava.com/athletes/248119

Keep climbing!


18 responses to “About”

  1. Keith Dougal says :

    Great idea. How about Sheok Rd and Parish Hill (off Swamp Rd)
    Cheers, VELO-PORTE

    • Sam Young says :

      Thanks. Those are two I’m definitely planning to do in the near future. Just need to psyche myself up for Sheoak…

  2. Bert (Olio) Heathwood says :

    When you do Old Willunga drop back down and have a crack at Bangor, head South straight under the tunnel on St Andrews Terrace instead of turning left onto High St. Nasty little B of a climb. http://app.strava.com/segments/862959
    There’s lots of other interesting climbs around Willunga and McLaren Vale too that most people don’t use enough.

  3. AlexAlex says :

    This is a great resource for people new to riding like myself, before I tackled the old freeway today I checked out your post on it here to see what to expect – cheers. A suggestion for a short but steep hill from me is Kintyre road

  4. Stu says :

    Excellent blog, some suggestions (apologies if they are covered and I’ve missed them).
    Gorge Rd up past the damn (and possibly on to Fox Creek Rd)
    Not a road, but the sealed path from Lynton to Belair could be worth doing, also the climbs through Belair National Park.
    Flagstaff Hill and Chandlers Hill

  5. Christy says :

    This is a great site. I always check this out before planning my hill rides. You have done a great job. Thank you. I don’t have anymore suggestions. You have covered the ones that I have heard about and want to tackle.

  6. Nic says :

    Great job in consolidating these hills into a single blog Sam. I grew up in Basket Range too and its been nice to discover some other hill rides.

  7. Jeff says :

    Very helpful blog Sam. I’m doing Greenhill Rd tomorrow for the first time and it’s been good to know what I’m up for. I’m the equivalent to your buddy Dale in the group I ride with so any bit of info I get is helpful.

    • Sam Young says :

      Thanks Jeff. The best advice I can give is don’t go too hard, too early. Just pace yourself into it, and you’ll be fine. Think more like a long effort at moderate intensity than a really hard effort, and then when you pass the house 4/5 of the way up where the road changes sides of the hill, you can pick it up and push on to the end. And ignore everyone else! The easiest thing to do is try and hang on to your faster riding buddies then blow up and suffer for the rest of the climb.

  8. keegansutton says :

    Hi there, what do you think is the best hill in Adelaide to climb up? I am planning on riding around Australia and trying to find the best hill to climb up. Any suggestions?

    • Sam Young says :

      I don’t think there is a best hill! Let me know when you’re in Adelaide though, and I’ll happily show you some of my favourites.

  9. Nic says :

    Sam – Love your site. I’ve caught up on all the ones I’ve ever missed. Here are several hills that you may want to include to the list:
    – Stentiford Road (from Swamp Road, Lenswood)
    – Dorset Vale Road (from Matthews/Scott Creek Road)
    – Potter Road (from Clarendon)
    – Scott Creek Road/Red Hill Road (various combinations)
    – Mt George Rd (from Bridgewater/Carey Gully)
    – Spring Gully Rd (from golf course)
    – Parish Hill (off Swamp, Uraidla)
    – One Tree Hill-Kersbrook Rd
    – Checker Hill
    – Hunters Road (short ramp)
    – Tiers Rd
    – Vickers Rd

    + Sellicks Hill

    • Sam Young says :

      Thanks Nic,

      They’re definitely all on the list, as soon as I find some time and motivation to write them up! Glad you enjoy the site.

  10. Matt says :

    Love your write-ups. You’ve become the resource for me for tackling climbs for the first time. Another for your list, Turner’s gully in Clarendon. Quiet road.

    • Sam Young says :

      Thanks, I’m glad you’re appreciating it! I’m afraid my cycling has gone in different directions, so I’m not updating this site as much as I should have, and there are still dozens more climbs I ought to write about!!

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