German Town Hill

Distance: 1.6km

Metres Climbed: 95

Avg Gradient: 6.1%

Road Quality: Good


This little hill between Hahndorf and Bridgewater provides plenty of opportunity for hurting. It starts off pretty easily, and then gets steeper and steeper, topping out at around 8.5% at the top. The Climb is on Mt Barker Road, just after the Roundabout where it intersects with Onkaparinga Valley Road. Start as you pass under the freeway.

Germantown Hill SV1


The first 400m are pretty easy, going from 1% to about 5%. As the road takes a big right hand bend, it’ll start going up to about 7%

Germantown Hill SV2


From here you climb through scrub and outer Bridgewater, and the gradient keeps going up, eventually steadying at about 7% but getting noticeably harder before topping off at around 8%. The climb finishes as you enter the township proper, as you pass the car dealership.

Germantown Hill SV3


Once you finish the climb, you’ve got a bit of a descent, but if you’re planning on getting back to town, you haven’t finished climbing yet. You can turn right as you pass the oval, and climb up towards Carey Gulley, or continue towards Aldgate, where you have all kinds of options to climb.

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