Ackland Hill

Distance: 2.7km

Metres Climbed: 210

Avg Gradient: 7.9%

Road Quality: Good


This one is pretty steady, and pretty exposed. A sustained steep section through the middle means that Ackland Hill is a useful training hill. There is sometimes a bit of traffic, but it’s not too bad, and as the road is pretty wide and fairly exposed, nobody is going to sneak up on you. The Climb Starts as you turn off Main Road.

Ackland SV1


The first 600m go straight up at about 7-8%. The road veers to the left a little, and from here for the next 800m you’re into the steep section of the climb, at about 11% average. There’s no cover, the road doesn’t really wind around or anything, there’s just climbing. At around the 1.5km mark, the road makes another left-hander, and the gradient decreases to around 6%.

By the 2km point, the road is at about 3%, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you were done. There’s one more steep section to go, at around 10% and reaching 13, but once you’ve taken this and made it around the corner, the road flattens out and you’ve finished climbing.

Ackland SV2


Follow the road onwards, eventually you’ll make it to Stirling, but first you’ll get to do some lovely riding through the hills. Or, if you’re keen, turn around, drop to the bottom, and start again.

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