Old Mt Barker Road (Bridgewater-Aldgate)


Metres Climbed: 95m

Avg Gradient: 7.1%

Road Quality: Average

Strava: http://app.strava.com/segments/3174485

This one goes up in a couple of rather steep sections, and so the average gradient doesn’t really tell you much about how hard this climb is. Despite the comparative challenge, it’s a better option than taking the main road through Aldgate to Stirling, because there are far fewer cars. The climb starts on Kain Avenue, at the end of which you turn left onto Old Mt Barker Road, and start ascending in earnest.

Mt Barker SV 1


The first steep section is between 8-10%, for about 2-300m. After that, the road eases up again, even flattening out for a bit, before the next 200m are at about 6%. Then the climb gets a bit nasty.

Mt Barker SV 2


The road turns a corner, right into a 150m section of about 13-14%. Once you’ve made it up this bit, the climb lets up a little, and continues on at around 7-8% for the rest of the climb. You finish at the intersection with Arkaba Road.

Mt Barker SV 3


From here onwards there is still some undulation, but you’ve finished the bulk of the climb. You can turn right onto Old Carey Gully road if you want another nasty tight climb (https://adelaidehillclimbs.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/rangeview-drive/) Or keep going a little further and turn right to cross over the freeway and climb up towards Crafers or descend through Picadilly.

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