Waterfall Gully

Distance: 3.8km

Metres Gained: 101

Avg Gradient: 2.6%

Road Quality: Average

Strava: http://app.strava.com/segments/703057

A bit like Aldgate Valley Road https://adelaidehillclimbs.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/aldgate-valley-road/ this one isn’t a particularly steep hill. The road is pretty narrow, and there’s some traffic – mostly people driving up to the top of the gully so that they can walk to Mt Lofty. This is a good hill for efforts though – it’s consistent, and lets you push a pretty big gear if need be. To Start the climb, Turn left off Glynburn Road onto Waterfall Terrace, and then immediately right. It’s pretty well signed.

Waterfall Gully SV1


The climb is really quite steady the whole way up. The first 500m or so are a little easier, at maybe 2%, and then there’s one trickier bit, which briefly hits 7%, followed by a short downhill. From then on it’s pretty much 2.5-3% the whole way up. You’ll pass Chambers Gully Road, which is unfortunately blocked off, at about half way, and you reach the end when you go through the gates to the carpark.

Waterfall Gully SV2


That’s pretty much it. An easy little climb in between Greenhill Road and Mt Osmond. It’s very pretty, and getting a good time is quite hard, but if you just want to tootle, it’s an excellent choice. Similarly, if you need something to turn the legs over, between harder climbs, this is a good one.

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