Mt Osmond

Distance: 2.3km

Avg Gradient: 9.7%

Metres Climbed: 220

Road Surface: Good


This climb is hidden away in the foothills, and is quite hard to find, but once you do find it, it’s one of the best climbs in Adelaide. The climb goes up the quieter side of the road, which services a few dozen houses, and the Mt Osmond Golf Course. As such, it’s never got much traffic, which makes it ideal if Greenhill Road is too busy, but you want something a bit more challenging than The Old Freeway. To reach the climb, turn off Greenhill Road onto Devereaux Road, and then follow it up to the second roundabout, and turn right. The start of the climb is Thirkell Avenue, on your left. Otherwise, turn off Portrush Road onto Gilles Road, and then left onto Sunnyside Road. Follow Sunnyside Road down until you reach Thirkell on the right.

Osmond sv 1

The first part of the climb is relatively flat, at ‘only’ 7-8%, however for the first 500m or so, the road is very rough. Once the road smooths out, you get a brief respite, but the climb very quickly picks up to about 12-13%, where it stays for the rest of the climb. If you’re not too busy trying not to fall off your bike, you’ll get some great views down the valley, and also up at the rest of the climb, as it looms in front of you. The road squiggles back and forwards up both sides of a valley, which makes for a particularly epic ride if you’re going up with friends.

The climb finishes at number 113 (there’s a fancy sign), but if you’re recording with strava, keep going for a little bit further, because sometimes it doesn’t register that you’ve finished the segment.

Osmond sv 2


Once you’ve hit the top of the climb, the road takes a fairly undulating turn, before going past the golf course, and then dropping down pretty fast to meet up with the freeway. This is one of the fastest steep straight bits of road about, and you can pick up some significant speed. If you’re exhausted, turn right down the bike track to get back to town. However, I suggest that you take the left, and climb up the second two thirds of the old freeway – you’re just below devils elbow.

The good news is that in comparison to Mt Osmond, it doesn’t feel steep at all, and you’ll feel like you’re flying. The bad news is that you’ll have cooled down on the descent, you’ll have a load of lactic acid to burn out, and you won’t actually be flying.

I was too busy riding up a steep hill to take photos, but the google streetview cars weren’t, so I used their photos instead.

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2 responses to “Mt Osmond”

  1. Ian Radbone says :

    If you are on a mountain, you can reach Eagle on the Hill by taking the turn off just before the Mount Osmond Golf Course. (The Bullock Track) It’s a lovely ridge ride that looks over the Freeway and Waterfall Gully, though steep for the last section above the tunnels.

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