Gill Terrace

Distance: 500m

Metres Climbed: 64

Avg Gradient: 12.8%

Road Surface: Good

Traffic: Minimal


Gill Terrace is a good option to take if you’ve descended the freeway, but want to do just a little more climbing before going home, or alternatively, if you want to warm up before tackling Mt Osmond.  At just 500m it’s over before you know it, but at an average of almost 13%, it’s nothing to be sniffed at. Start just below the bike path, on the freeway. 

Gill Tce SV1


The first 150m, up to the corner at the top of the photo, are pretty easy – an average of about 6%. Then, as you go round the corner, you’re greeted by a wall. For the next 150m the average is about 16%, and there are spots where you’ll touch 20%. Of course, it’s only 150m, so charge away. After that, the gradient eases to about 13-14% for the final 200m of climbing. The segment ends at the switchback, and whilst it looks like the road keeps going up, you’ll find it surprisingly easy once you’ve gone round the corner.

Gill Tce SV2


Looking around on the internet, it turns out you can keep climbing a little way along what looks like a driveway – it’s technically still a road, so I’ll go an do that soon, and then update this post. Once you go around the bend, Gill Tce turns into Sunnyside, and you can ride accross the top of Beaumont towards Mt Osmond. When you reach a roundabout, go straight through, and turn right onto Sherwood Terrace to get onto the climb just as it turns nice, or go down a little further and turn onto Thirkell to start Mt Osmond properly.

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