Sprigg Road

Distance: 2.7km

Metres Climbed: 158

Avg Gradient: 5.6%

Road Quality: Good bitumen for the first half, then pretty rough/corrugated dirt for the second part

Traffic: Very Low, particularly on the dirt section. You might see a car on the bottom half, but probably not.

Strava: http://www.strava.com/segments/3244241

I’ve been riding a fair bit of dirt lately, there’s something about skitting about on thin tires that is really fun. Anyway, my latest offering is Sprigg Road, which connects Piccadilly Road and Mt Lofty Summit Road. This is a pretty easy climb, and also pretty beautiful. There are a couple of pinches over 10%, but mostly the road undulates it’s way up the side of the hill. Turn onto Sprigg Road from Piccadilly Road, and then start the climb when you reach the intersection with Lampert Road.

Sprigg SV1


From here, the first half of the climb is pretty straightforwards. You’ll find yourself riding through perfectly manicured hobby-farms and vineyards, before entering into a eucalyptus forest. As you pass Ross Road to your right, you’ll go up a pretty steep section for 2-300m, hitting around 14%. After that it flattens out again, until you near the intersection with Gores Road.

Sprigg SV2


From here, the road turns to dirt, and the average gradient becomes steeper. Whilst still undulating, the average is more like 7-8%, which coupled with the dirt can pose a challenge. I suggest turning over a slightly bigger gear than your normally would, and staying seated. This way you’ll maintain the maximum amount of traction. Sitting down is more important than a big gear, so change down before you stand up. There are some corrugations on the road around the inside of most of the corners, which you can either avoid or ride straight over. The climb finishes when you intersect with Mt Lofty Summit Road

Sprigg SV3


From here you can turn left to go on up to the summit, or right to head towards the top of Greenhill Road.

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