Greenhill Road

Distance: 7.2km

Avg Gradient: 6.6%

Metres Climbed: 471

Road surface: Average


Greenhill Road is one of the hardest climbs in Adelaide. It’s by no means the steepest, but it is one of the longest, and it’s a very even, rather relentless climb. There is some traffic, so it’s best to climb it on weekends, or during the middle of the day. Don’t climb this one between 3:30 and 6:30pm. Lots of people and buses going home from work and school, on a fairly narrow road, and everyone is going to have a bad time. The climb starts at the roundabout between Greenhill Road, and Glynburn Road. From here, it punches up in a couple of ramps which at around 9-10%, are the steepest parts of the climb. Once you reach Hallet Road, follow the climb around to the right, and the gradient will even out.

greenhill sv 1


From here on up, the climb meanders up the side of the hill at a steady 6%. For the next while, you’ll see some fantastic views over the city as you climb through the switchbacks, until you take a left hand corner which puts you onto the other side of the hill. Once you go past the quarry on your left, the gradient picks up a bit – to about 8%.

greenhill sv 2

Pretty soon you’ll go past the intersection with Yarrabee Road. This means that you’re past half way. Once the hillside switches from your left to your right, you’re three quarters of the way up, and the gradient becomes noticeably easier (around 5%). The climb finishes at the intersection with Mt Lofty Summit Rd.

greenhill sv 3

If you haven’t climbed enough yet, follow Mt Lofty Summit Road up to the top, there’s a bit more hill, but it’s not very steep (average of about 3%). Otherwise, from here you can follow Greenhill Road through Summertown and Uraidla right out to Balhannah, or if you want to fly along one of the best cycling roads in the state (that isn’t a hill climb), turn left off Greenhill Road onto Woods Hill road. This will take you to Ashton, and from there you have a variety of options, depending on how far you want to go, and how much climbing you want to do. Alternatively, that road you just climbed up makes for a wicked fun descent.

All of the photos are from Street View. Thanks Google.



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