Knott’s Hill and Pound Road

Distance: 2.7km

Avg Gradient: 8.0%

Metres Climbed: 212

Road Surface: Good


This climb starts at the same point as Little Italy ( but goes the other way out of the valley. It’s slightly busier, but there are almost no cars. You could expect to be passed once or twice, if that. Start timing on Knott’s Hill Road, as you pass the intersection with Burdett’s Road. The climb jumps straight into the most difficult part at about 13% for five hundred metres.

POund sv 1


After the initial steep part, the climb steadies at about 8%. At a little more than half way, you’ll come out of the scrub, and start riding through orchards. There is even a slight downhill, before the climb points back upwards at around 8-9%. The road changes name (From Knott’s Hill to Pound) but you just need to follow it round – don’t worry about intersecting roads.

The climb levels out a little towards the top, and ends at the intersection with Marble Hill Road.

POund sv 2


From here you can turn right towards Montacute, or Left back towards Ashton. Montacute is a fantastic descent, and this direction gives access to Corkscrew Road ( ) although you’ll have to descend it and then turn back around to climb it. If you go back towards Ashton you can go out to Norton Summit, or through to Summertown and Mt Lofty.

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2 responses to “Knott’s Hill and Pound Road”

  1. Jason Nieuwoudt says :

    Hi Sam, did this climb the other evening; very pretty and picturesque but also tough on the first section. I wanted to ask you about adding some other climbs such as Ansteys Hill, Mt Osmond from the freeway side (linked climb with tollgate section of the freeway ) and Wyn Vale Drive in the north eastern suburbs! Anyway, great blog… Keep up it up!

    • Sam Young says :

      Thanks Jason, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t actually done ansteys or wyn vale drive, so I’ll have to get onto them. As for the back side of my Osmond, I’ll look at putting up a post after the next time I ride it. For now I’m riding some bigger hills in Tasmania and Victoria though, so it might be a couple of weeks!

      If you wanted to do a write up of any of those climbs, you’d be more than welcome to. Just send me what you write to with 25 words about yourself so I can credit you, and then I’ll put it up.

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