Anstey Hill

Distance: 3.1km

Metres Climbed: 187

Avg Gradient: 6%

Road Quality: Pretty good

Traffic: A fair bit during peak hours, but mostly ok. I’ve only done this one on a bunch ride with 200 other people, so this is second hand info


Anstey Hill starts near the top of Lower North East Road, at the roundabout-intersection with Grand Junction Road. The climb is pretty steady, with the first  part and the third quarter being the hardest, and easing off towards the end. To get there from Adelaide takes about 12km along Lower North East Road, which is fairly unpleasant, which makes this hill a less popular way to access the hills. That said, it does open up onto some lovely rolling roads, which make the effort worth while.

The strava segment for the climb starts on Lower North East Road, just as you pass Perserverance Road

Anstey SV 1

The road goes straight up for a couple of hundred metres before you swing left, and start to get views over the city and countryside. The first half of the climb tracks around the side of the hill, and on the left is Anstey Hill Recreation Park. About half way up the road switches sides of the hill, and you spend about 700m going up a little more sharply – around 7-8% before the road flattens off to around 4%  in the last 500m to the finish. The climb ends at the intersection with Range Road.

Anstey SV2

From the end of the climb you can take either Range Road or continue along Lower North East Road until you meet North east Road, or you can turn right a couple of hundred metres along onto Paracombe Road. Following North East Road further into the hills gives you some great views and decent riding – so long as you don’t do it during busy times of day. Eventually you’ll meet the top of Gorge Road, or you can continue on to Gumeracha.

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3 responses to “Anstey Hill”

  1. Jason Nieuwoudt says :

    Thanks for the post Sam! I went round the back of Ansteys the other day and descended Ansteys proper! I’ll have to make another trip for this climb soon because living in mawson lakes this is the closest way into the hills but I usually start at Norton! Anyway, looking forward to some more climbs!! 🙂

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