Aldgate Valley Road

Distance: 5.1km

Metres Climbed: 104

Avg Gradient: 2%

Road Surface: Good


2%! that’s not a climb! (That’s what I imagine you’re saying right now, and you’d sorta be right) Aldgate Valley Road isn’t really much of a climb, but it is one of the nicest pieces of road in the hills, and it does kinda go uphill.

But for real, go and ride up this road. Or down it. Or both. You could just go back and forwards all day, it’s so pretty. The road winds it’s way up from Mylor to Aldgate, and constantly twists back and forth. There’s not much traffic, excepting people riding their bikes or walking their dogs. Every now and then a local uses the road, but I suppose that’s fair enough.

To get to this piece of cycling manna is a little tricky. First turn off Strathalbyn Road onto Stock Road, and then immediately turn right onto Aldgate Valley Road.

AV 1


Yes, this climb starts on a downhill. Don’t worry though, you do in fact go upwards. This is a really good road to practice keeping your cadence up, or climbing in the big ring, and it’s also just a pretty road to cycle along. There’s a brief 500m section roughly in the middle of the climb that rises to about 5% or so, but otherwise you’ll be moving along at around 1-2%.

The climb finishes at the intersection with Strathalbyn road.

AV 2


Yes, you finish on a downhill too. Turn left to go into Aldgate, or right to go back down to Mylor.

I’ll stop gushing now.

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