Coromandel Parade

Distance: 1.5km

Metres Climbed: 81

Avg Gradient: 5.1%

Road Quality: Mediocre


This is one of my favourite little climbs in the Blackwood area. It’s a tiny winding road without much traffic, that has a couple of pinches, even if it’s not all that steep. Like a lot of the nearby climbs, this is pretty quick, and good for repeats. The climb starts where Coromandel Parade turns left into Craiglee Drive, but confusingly, when you turn off to the right, you’re also on Coromandel Parade.

Corrie SV1


The Climb is pretty easy to start with, with an average of about 3% for 500m. After that, you go round a corner, and then it quickly jumps up above 15%, for all of 50m. It evens out back to around 6%, where it stays for a while, before another jump up to around 10%. After this, it flattens out again, and you finish at the intersection.

Corrie SV2


I tend to use this one as a connector hill, turn right at the roundabout, and you get a nice easy, dead straight run back into Blackwood, from where you have many options.


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