Blockers Road

Distance: 4.0km

Metres Climbed: 223

Avg Gradient: 5.5%

Road Quality: Dirt, mostly fairly well packed, but somewhat rutted and corrugated in areas

Traffic: Local traffic only, don’t be surprised if you’re passed once, do be surprised if you’re passed twice.


Blockers Road, starting in Basket Range, and ending in Forest Range is not particularly well known, and is quite a challenging climb. The first 600m or so are sealed, but most of the way you’ll be riding on dirt. I did it on 23mm tires, and was fine, but it would be more comfortable, and quicker on something a little wider, with a bit more traction. Starting at the intersection of Blockers, Merchants, and Wyes Road, you’ll jump straight into the first part of the climb, at about 8 or 9 %.

Blockers Road SV1


The first two thirds of the climb are really pretty easy. There are a couple of points at maybe 10%, but there are also a lot of flats, and some descents. All of this is made up for by the last third. Your first warning is a little rise, maybe 20m long at about 18%. Then, once you get past that, you’ll go round a decently sharp right-hander.

Blockers Road SV2


It’s not much to look at in the photo, but you’re looking at 18-19% on the outside of the corner, or something ridiculous on the inside. Unless you’re Philippe Gilbert and you’re launching an attack on the field, just don’t even go there.

Once you’re around the corner, the gradient levels out for a bit, as you ride along the ridge for a few hundred metres. Soon enough you’ll reach a collection of old Peugot’s. The cars, that is. There’s little to explain this, but they signify the start of the final ramp.

Blockers Road SV3


From here it’s pretty much 500m of pain. The last 600m average over 12%, but that hides the fact that you’ll hit 25%, and spend most of your time at around 20%. Being on gravel, you won’t be able to stand up easily without losing traction, so it’s pretty much a case of sitting down and grinding away.

You finish the climbing at the intersection with Mawsons Road, and turn right to go to Forest Range, at the intersection of Lobethal Road and Deviation Road, or left to explore more dirt on the way to Lenswood.

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