Knox Terrace (Coach Road Linked Climb)

Distance: 1.4km

Metres Climbed: 132

Avg Gradient: 9.4%

Road Surface: Average


Believe it or not, this is the easy way up the hill. That said, it’s still a nasty little climb. To even get to the start, you’ve got to go up a fair bit of Coach Road, at about 10%. Once you go around the corner, Knox Terrace turns off and goes down hill to the right. The climb starts after the hairpin when the road starts to go upwards again. There’s very little traffic, because this is just a linking residential road that is slower than the other ones. And the views over the city are fantastic.

Knox SV1


The climb starts pretty easily, and you can use your momentum to get up the start of the hill. However, once it turns around to the bend, the climb quickly becomes more difficult, topping out at around 20% just before the hairpin. After this it’s all a little easier, but still a fairly sharp 15% until it levels out just before the T-intersection with McBeath Drive

Knox SV2


At this point you’re not quite finished. Go round to the left, and keep climbing to the top of the hill. It’s all much easier through here though. Closer to 10%.

Once you reach the top, you’ll link back to Coach Road. You can turn right and go up a very short, very steep hill, or turn left, and fly down the hill incredibly quickly. You can hit some of the fastest speeds possible on a bike  in Adelaide down this hill, It’s straight and bloody steep but make sure to slow down before the corner.




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