Montacute Road

Distance: 7.2km

Metres Climbed: 355

Avg Gradient: 4.9%

Road Quality: Good


Montacute Road is, strangely enough, a more popular descent than climb. It’s the third of the big climbs (Category 2 on strava) that will get you into the Adelaide hills, along with the Old Freeway, and Greenhill Road. As such it should be treated with some respect, but hardly feared. To reach the climb, follow Montacute Road up towards the hills. The climb starts when you pass Maryvale Road, and from there on the first half is pretty easy.

Montacute SV 1


The ascent can really be divided into two parts. The first part winds up along the bottom of the valley, roughly following the course of the creekbed. You’ll spend nearly 4km at about 2-4%, except for a short section about 1km in, where it goes up at about 5%. None of this is challenging at all, unless there is a headwind down the valley, in which case it might hurt a little. After 3.8km, the climb starts in earnest, just after you pass the CFS shed.

Montacute SV 2


After this, the next section averages about 6% until you pass the top of Corkscrew Road ( The climb goes up in a number of short ramps of around 8-9%, with flatter sections of about 4% where you can recover a little. There is a sustained 500m section at about 9-10% just before the 5km mark, as you pass by Corkscrew Road. As you go around the bend it evens off and goes down hill briefly, before climbing again in two more sections that hit double digits. The climb finishes just before Hill Rd, as you pass the house with the hedge out the front.

Montacute SV 3


From here on, there is still some climbing to go towards Marble Hill, but the road really undulates quite a bit. Once there, it’s all down hill and you’ve got heaps of options – Go down Pound Road and up Burdetts, keep going onwards into Ashton and Norton Summit, or across to Mt Lofty.

Thanks to Google for the photos.

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One response to “Montacute Road”

  1. Stu says :

    One of my favourite climbs, the first part in particular has one of the best road surfaces around. It’s quite deceptive in that just when you think you’ve climbed to the top you find another ascent just around the bend. I always keep in mind that the serious climbing isn’t over until you see the hobbit house at Cherryville. A nice feature is the long stretch along the ridge that gives you great views on both sides.

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