Coach-House Drive/Woodland Way

Distance: 2.7km

Avg Gradient: 10.4%

Metres Climbed: 285

Road surface: Good


This is one of the steepest, most difficult climbs in Adelaide. Despite (or maybe because of) it’s proximity to Norton Summit, it’s not particularly popular. This is probably because it runs along the ridge of the hill face, rather than winding up the side. There is a little more traffic than Norton Summit, but it’s still relatively quiet. Unless you’re really worried about zig-zagging up the hill in front of cars, you should be fine to do it, even at peak hour. Start the same way as Norton Summit ( and then turn right at the first opportunity – onto Coach-House Drive. The climb starts off pretty easily, at about 5 or 6 %, but then after about three or four hundred metres, jumps into a section of about 12-3%. It flattens out a little as you reach the intersection with Woodland Way (turn right, up the hill), and from then on, it continues in a similar manner – hard climb for two or three hundred metres, followed by a short respite. Most of the time, you’ll be climbing at about 10%, and recovering at about 6%. But for the last two serious climbs, the gradient really increases. The second last spends a fair while at about 15-16%, and the last, longest section averages about 15%, hitting 20% in parts.

This is all kinda hard to show in photos, they don’t really do the gradient of the climb justice. But here’s one from street-view that maybe provides some idea. That flat looking bit is climbing at about 6%, and that steep bit ahead isn’t the most difficult part of the climb

woodland way sv

The climb ends at the intersection with Ridgeland Drive. You’ll have to go over a bump designed to slow cars down, and that’s the finish of the climb. Once you’ve sufficiently recovered from the climb, you can descend rapidly down Ridgeland Drive, which will take you roughly to half way along Norton Summit Road, or you can follow the road up a little further, and turn right down Teringie Drive, which will take you to the top of Norton Summit. From there the choices are endless.

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