Arkaba Road

Distance: 1.3km

Metres Climbed: 76

Avg Gradient: 5.6%

Road Surface: Average


Arkaba Road is a really convenient climb if you want to go from Aldgate to Stirling, but don’t want to deal with the traffic of Mt Barker Road. Start along Mt Barker Road, turn right after going under the train tracks, and make your way up this suburban street to Old Mt Barker Road.

Arkaba SV1


This one goes the entire length of the road, and can be divided neatly into two parts. The first part, about 800m long, averages 10%. After that, the road levels off, drops a little, and keeps going at around 3%. 800m at 10% sounds like a fairly hard task, but you can quickly get into a rhythm, and it’s not bad.

As I said, you’re finished when you reach Old Mt Barker Road. To get to Stirling or Crafers, turn left up the hill and follow it to the intersection. To go out towards Uraidla and Carey Gulley, follow Old Mt Barker Road to the left, then turn right down Rangeview Drive


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